Recover faster from sports activities

Deep tissue massage for sports uses specific techniques to treat physically active individuals to aid faster recovery from their physical activities. Whatever level you train at and regardless of the sport or exercise you do, regular sports massage can help improve your performance.


Get back to your best self

Deep tissue massage for anti-stress focuses on treating muscular conditions caused by daily pressures helping reduce stress levels and  leaving your muscles feeling released and relaxed

Please note that the treatments are to help improve the well-being of the recipients. They do not diagnose medical conditions and/or injuries. They do not replace or substitute medical treatments and/or physiotherapy treatments.


LSSM(Dip), Full member of ISRM, diplômée et certifiée au Royaume-Uni

I have been a sports & remedial massage practitioner since 2008 having established my first practice in London where I treated hundreds of people that practice a wide range of sports activities at various levels – runners, triathletes, rock climbers, walkers, martial art practitioners, yogis, etc. It is very rewarding to know that my clients have been able to recover faster and better and to hear that they could train harder and perform better after having treatments with me.

I also have extensive experience in treating non-athletes who sought me out to help release tension caused by daily stress and long hours of working at a desk.

Additionally, I was a resident sports massage therapist at the Arch Climbing Wall (London) and Craggy Island Climbing Centre (Sutton). I also worked at Jubilee Hall Gym in Covent Garden (London) and the Mittelmaier Clinic (London).

I love rock climbing and having visited Fontainebleau many times over the last 20 years, I knew I would come and live here one day.  In late 2018 I made a decision to close my business in London, said goodbye to my clients and moved here. I am now hoping to help improve the well-being of people living in Fontainebleau!

LSSM(Dip), Full member of ISRM
diplômée et certifiée au Royaume-Uni

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